• Osteopathy strongly believes that the human body has within availability to all it may need for selfhealing and selfregulation. The osteopath´s aim is not to get rid of pain, its goa lis to find the origin of the problem and help the system regain control over its selfregulating functions. these restores the body Access to its resources and restores the base balance.
  • For all these to take place, academical knowledge is necessary as well as a great sensitibity to correctly interprete the information the body is laying out. Patient´s vital forcé is esential for a correct treatment to reach to its end. vital forcé is constantly silently working for the maintenance of the body welfare, all the time, 7 days a week.
  • Osteopathy uses a series of manual techniques which are the result of understanding the body functioning, they allow uas to intervene in the organism imbalance, leaving the body ruthm and functioning unchanged.

How can it help you

  • It has a direct effect on the autonimic nervous system, besides there is no disease that is not directly influenced by it, so we can directly reduce stress and its effects.
  • Have a balancing effect to the structure. Aches and pains caused by mechanical imbalance can be monitored and kept silent with a preventive treatment plan.
  • the entire system is limked together, each part is directly related to what happens anywhere in the system. as the structure improves so does the function, stress levels will drop, the effects of it will be seen on general functions: dgestion, fatigue, rest, humour, concentration…

“find it, fix it, leave it alone”

This is a famous quote by A.T.Still. we reffer to him as the father of osteopathy, meaning: find the cause of the problema, no matter what or wehre, do the apropriate technique, and go, your job is done. let the body the body do what it does best, selfregulation, without you interfering in the process.